So Disappointing!

Courtesy of Foundations Christian Counseling

It was quarter past one a.m. but Hill was still seated, alone in his murky sitting room, on a squeaky austere high-backed chair, for the third day in a row. Midnight was his favorite time to sulk; a product of overthinking and a stench of failure. Disappointment was the only taste he could feel, regardless of the master’s degree he had just obtained from the university of Moi.

Nothing seems to be going in the right direction,” he thought. Even his two-year relationship with miss culture Kenya looked like a sham. He had spent ten minutes staring at the last text she had send him and all he could see was a line, right through the lies. The despondecy was too much. He was sinking fast and an inch away from rock bottom.

Disappointment is relative. It is a reaction from a stained action; a tear through trust. Conclusively, statistics prove that mankind has gradually developed thicker skin compared to their counterparts in 1900 BC. This is because life has proven not to be coherent with our plans. We set sail for north and life drags us south. 2020 is one such example of what went wrong. It is a year than we can unanimously decide to erase or give it a do over if possible. It gives the best analogy of the inability of mankind to influence nature and time. We thought we had bagged the cat with our executive plans and a ‘nothing is impossible mantra’ but 2020 was meant to be a supernatural joke on mankind which we don’t seem to get the punchline to. age..was the routine we were accustomed to and with false hope of influencing fate, we rod on our imaginary castles without paying heed to the disappointment that was creeping in.

-We did not notice that we were giving more love in our relationships than we were actually getting back.

-We thought we could get justice for the Brown’s for their illegally grabbed land by the area MP.

-We forgot that trusting the government with our kids’ futures was like flogging a dead horse.

-Mercy gave Ramsey a second chance for the seventh time hoping we was now a changed man as he claimed.

-Jack’s mum succumbed to a failed medical system two days before Jack’s 30th birthday.

-Mrs. Lorraine hoped for a hundredth time that her husband would at least make it home before midnight without the scent of another woman on his shirt….

And disappointment was all they could manage

Being physically tough and adapting to a negative emotion were all two different things. Their next time always hit harder than the last time. Disappointment, left, right and…….

Being black and in Kenya must really make you superman,” Hill thought to himself. The idea of his friends burdening tougher issues than his, reeled him back to reality and he immediately knew what he had to do. He flickered his hand over the candle across the room and it went off. And in the dead silence of the night, Hill tucked the disappointment up his sleeve and braced himself for tomorrow; to go out and bark, hopefully this time, not on the wrong tree.

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