The Faithless Religion

“Let him who has no sin cast the first stone…”

Faith is a vast subject, one that exceeds the mere boundaries of religion. It is however a founding pillar of Christianity without which it is ‘impossible to please God’. My opinion on this topic will have zero relation to casting the first stone because truth be told, I have my episodes of doubt, reluctance to exercise my spiritual conviction and an obsession with proof. Faith on the contrary, isn’t just an idea. It is an assurance of what is unseen, an interpretation of the visible through the lens of the unseen. Amen?

Hebrews 11:1 by biblegateway

This is intrinsic knowledge and if you were keen enough to listen to your Sunday School teacher, then high-five your neighbor and tell them, “tuko pamoja”.

Christians live with an internal desire to become like Christ and put in real effort to obey God’s word but intermittently. This is because there are many professing Christians with good theology but their lives contradict what they claim to believe. And it gets worse because a significant number of Pastors and Reverends fall squarely under this category. This is inarguably true in Africa and especially Kenya where Pentecostals have turned the church into a market place. The sanctity of the gospel has been replaced with profit based sermons and sycophancy. Just recently a ban was put on political based church fundraises but that’s hardly enough because it does not cut-off the problem, it smoothers it. We have and are still barking up the wrong tree.

Let me explain,

This religion reeks of rot. Rot that has been orchestrated from the inside. We have lacked faith and digressed to dubious ways of managing the gospel. We the Christians have outwardly exposed our greediness for ill earned money at the cost of tainting the name of Christ. How on earth will a pastor grace the news at prime time and claim that he turned to selling eggs because the church was closed and he can no longer provide for himself? How do you ask the government to open churches because you have not collected offering for a month? Do you serve at the pleasure of men or the King of Kings? That is outright mockery of the gospel. It simply means that they have made the church a business that can no longer accrue income because corona locked them out! Didn’t Paul make tents professionally and preach the gospel at the same time?

It is spiteful, malevolent, embarrassing and defamatory to the pain Jesus endured on the cross to provide salvation for us. Salvation from lack, discontent and ignorance. Philippians 4:19, Mathew 6:31, Mathew 7:11, Romans 5 and probably the entire Bible indulge in the confines to which God provides for us and more so the men of God and the clergy. The shame we have brought upon the gospel has barred the great commission of spreading the gospel because people do not want to be associated with a confusing ideology of pretentious followers.

We are a brood of chameleons and we ought to change and strictly espouse the Christian way of life. Integrity, justice, love, endurance, wisdom and FAITH. It’s time we became pragmatic and carried our minds with us even in spiritual conviction. Being a man of God is a responsibility added on to your professionalism, family and social roles. Therefore, if you cannot take on more responsibility then I don’t understand why you should convince me to be my best self while you are wallowing in identity crisis. I look up to men of God and we all do, so we shouldnt condone mediocrity in the things of God.

Will we shrink away from faith when it becomes difficult and uncomfortable or will we lean to God because we trust Him to provide? The Church needs to have reverence for God. This should be the status quo!

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