Did reggae take a break?

Courtesy of; Gado the cartoonist
BBI- The cleaning detergent for elected criminals

This country is many things but transparent is not one of them. We live in an error of woebegone criminals who hide behind the fact that they were elected in office only to run down the country into a shit hole. Kenyans have tried to grow out of their ignorance and are now more advertent than ever. But even then when a majority of us can see right through the political debauchery of our leaders, we chose to turn a blind eye. We are stuck in medieval times of police brutality, political oppression and dictatorship and therefore disregard has been our only option. Democracy is too good in theory but abysmal in practice. In addition, our stout love for these leaders has paved way for them to perpetually brainwash us at the expense of our development and growth.

The building bridges initiative is one such example of what is wrong with Kenya. I will admit that when I first heard this program, I was sure the country was headed in the right direction and who knows, it might still be. However, with time, criminals caught up with the BBI train only to taint the image further by adding their selfish interests in the document and aligning themselves strategically to book spaces in the next regime. On the other hand, a number of them used this forum to wash their slates clean of their criminal offences by paying pilgrimage to the number two in this country-you know who. As penance, they join the BBI choir and lead at the front and centre in an effort to “prolong reggae”. Call it innocence by association.

The good book in Proverbs talks about association too, “he who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm”. In Kenya, you just need to choose the right side, sit back and enjoy the fruits of a failed justice system because you know someone, who knows someone. Raila Odinga, being the number two of this country, like it or not, has helped legitimize the most corrupt government in the history of Kenya for a fee. Be it a thief, rapist or murderer (the nature of the sin is irrelevant), don’t worry, pay a fee, shake Raila Odinga’s hand and your “crimes” will be forgiven. Quid pro quo.

A Kenyan DJ lies in a hospital bed as an invalid, accumulating hospital fees with the perpetrator of the crime pledging to donate his salary for mitigating the corona virus. Try calling him out and he will be the most belligerent of them all with verbal hurricane that will send you crying to your mother. Just recently, after spending a week in remand, he was granted audience at a BBI meeting and all his woes seem to have been corrected. “He is no longer a slave of sin”

The NYS is struggling to support itself on its own two feet after a hefty blow by the then cabinet secretary who in conjunction with a few officials looted everything to the extent of pocketing pens and files. This same person is leading the BBI train at the front having “cleared her slate clean” by a handshake with Mr. R and pledging allegiance to reggae.

It gets better. A suspected murderer of his 26 year old pregnant lover walks scot free at the BBI platforms with, “wanainchi power, wananchi BBI” here and there, having delayed the blades of justice through a pilgrimage visit he made to the mountain. To him the stench of crime isn’t so bad after being clothed by the BBI.

It is clear that the political-class play by a different set of rules. They lose no sleep over getting into bed with thieves and murderers as long as it serves their interests-BBI. For all their finger pointing and proclamations that corruption makes their skin crawl, their actions tell a very different story. We are the handshake amnesty republic.

Inspired by Olive Burrows- NTV and Boniface Mwangi- activist

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