Millennials risk ending up worser than their parents

A big part of the Kenyan dream is that each generation will do better than the one that preceded it. This has been part of what supposedly makes this country special and distinctive. However, statistics show that this being theoretically feasible might not be at all practical. Millennials are classified as those of the generation born between 1981 and 1998. You can plus or minus this to accommodate your age. This generation comes of age at the worst possible moment when the economy has collapsed in great recession and insurgency due to excessive corruption by the government. Compounding the problem further is that the millennials parents did benefit from an upward shift in job status, making it even harder to surpass their accomplishments. The millenials are also part of the problem because of wrong priorities and the disregard of manual work for the white collar among other issues that are at par with peer pressure.

Simply, you are most likely to end up poorer than your parents.

On paper or preferably on social media, most of us are way better than our parents. The exquisite life style we document blurs us from accumulating wealth and rather spending the little we have on non-basic expenses. Take pride however, if its any consolation, in knowing that fifty percent of the problem is not your fault.

Recession and financial crisis
It is not news that the current government has failed by far in not only improving the economy but also maintaining it. We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. Most of the governors if not all have been involved in graft cases, looting the counties dry of money meant for improving both the public and private sectors. The unemployment crisis among the millennials has worsened over the years with thousands graduating from universities every year to compete for the same jobs that are favoring the aged. In addition, parents had a smooth transition from school to the job market via transparent channels which are now rigged to the core.

Wealth creation is lagging
The few millennials that have been lucky enough to grab a job are accumulating junk instead of wealth. Yes, there is a difference. The kind of lifestyle they are living is far beyond what they can afford. Even with a tone of saving agencies the millennials prefer a life of hand to mouth.

Defective priorities and peer pressure
Based on the risks the millenials take with their bodies, some of them won’t live long enough to accumulate enough assets to surpass their parents. Even then, the prospect of taking care of a family or building a normal, decent home seems like a far-off dream that the millennials want to reconsider in another twenty years. We just want to have fun, don’t we?

Poverty is looming more than ever and there is only one thing left for you to do. Pull off your socks and try with your feet. Otherwise you risk becoming poorer than your parents. The system is rigged.

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4 thoughts on “Millennials risk ending up worser than their parents

  1. Oh wow…👊👊…another one….we really need this….i hope everyone else sees from my point of view😊😊😊…..thank you


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