Nothing new about the New Year

The year 2019 began with delayed onset of long rains and it now closes with killer floods. A strange cocktail that has tossed Kenyans’ well being down the drain. This is not the only puzzle that has thrown Kenyans off balance because we are already one day into the new year and things seem the same, with poverty looming more than ever. Millions celebrated as the curtains fell on 2019 without much thought on what exactly they were crossing into. Most of them put aside reality to enjoy that moment of temporary madness and mob mentality anxiety. Truth be told though, there is nothing new about the New Year. Most of us will go back to our shitty jobs, with over the roof taxes and greedy employers who pay us just enough to keep us coming back to work for the rest of the year.

I am a stereotype and a sucker for holiday tradition as most of us are. It is therefore, crystal clear that we all have a routine for the holidays especially the Christmas holiday and the commemoration of a ‘new year’. That routine largely constitutes spending hefty amounts of cash at the expense of a very hot and long January. This is common knowledge and anyone civil enough to take note has gradually improved in setting priorities to accommodate the month of January in planning for the festivities, so I have no big issue with that.

The rising concern however, is the yelling and shouting witnessed a few minutes to the crossover of a New Year that has deemed fruitless over the years. Most of us wake up to sore throats and the harsh reality that life moves on. If you were keen enough, you should have noticed that however much we yelled at that golden minute, the clock never stopped moving.

The literal definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We seek to improve our worldly situations and become better people by hoping this year will be better than the last one. News flash, nothing new will come to you unless you make it so. King Solomon said, ‘the more I explore what appears to be new, the more I realize truth is impeccably reliable- What works always works and what doesn’t work never works’.

It is not a parade of events or festivities that will change your life but an upgrade of your consciousness. You should not seek to change the world but seek to change your mind about the world. If you attempt to change your circumstances without changing your mind, nothing will ever change (pan intended). Even better, get your hands dirty making that change you desire. Quit that job and begin the business you have always wanted to have. Nelson Mandela said, it always seems impossible until it’s done. How will you know it works unless you risk doing it?

If you are going to make the New Year new, then put those plans into action. We live beyond time, age, history or future so do not let these wordly props bind you. Wake up!

Cheers to the new year and another chance for us to get it right!

Published by Mbeke Wambua

Affable, charming and gregarious

8 thoughts on “Nothing new about the New Year

  1. Good advice. We really need to stop thinking that this is a year of change yet we’re doing nothing to bring out the change.
    Let’s get our hands dirty, bringing out the change we desire.

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  2. have said it all….finally putting words to our many different thoughts that we don share with others…gratsi😊😊….
    Blessed year ahead🙏

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